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Here are some amazing reviews from our wonderful Mindful Life customers.

All of these testimonials are independent reviews that have been lodged directly by our customers on Google.

Thank you again to all of you who have supported our small business, taken the time to try and review our products and provided such wonderful feedback.

-The Mindful Life Team

“I have three grandchildren, 4yo, 3yo and six week old. Beautiful products, the Lotion is so gentle and very effective. In fact, with what’s going on in the world at the moment, my hands have been drier than ever with all the extra vigilance with handwashing but the Nourishing Lotion that is left on my hands after I apply to the kiddies is leaving my hands so soft. Excellent products even on a 59-year-old nan!! Thank you Mindful Life.”

– Lina P


“Over the past 10 years, as you can imagine, I’ve tried a lot of different products and hands-down Mindful Life has been one of my family’s favourites. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, safe product.”

– Jessica R


“We absolutely love your Mindful Life products and are a big advocate for them as well. We used another brand of nappy cream when we were in hospital and we had welts from using it for 3 days. We stopped using it and my partner bought in our tube of Mindful Life nappy cream to use. Within 2 days the welts were completely gone and we have had a happy tooth since.”

– Bree W


“Love these products especially the Gentle Hair & Bath Wash. Has helped with my 7-month-olds rashes and cradle cap since he was 4 months old. His cradle cap has gone and no longer has skin irritations. Thank you”.

– Anette P


“I purchased the pack of bath wash, restorative balm and nappy cream which I’ve been using since my little girl arrived. At around 5-6 weeks she started developing a combination of baby acne and eczema. I started using the restorative balm and within a week her face so clear and soft again. I love that the products are natural and safe to use on a newborn and actually work! I’ll continue to use these products for a long time!”

– Ruby L


“Loving Mindful Life’s products and service!
This is my second order and so far loved by all who has been gifted too. Especially our 3-week Granddaughter Mia!!!”

– Vicki M


“This range of products really makes my life easy. Purchasing and delivery of such high quality, nourishing baby products that tick all the boxes for young mums is fast and easy. (Beautiful environmentally friendly packaging too).  My new grandson has the nappy cream, body wash, nourishing cream and massage oil. This has really helped him to settle in those vital, tricky first weeks. So reasonably priced too!”

– Gaynor M


“Before using Mindful Life’s restorative balm, my son had raised red bumps across his forehead and into his hairline. I’m not sure what it was but after using the balm for less than a week, it’s all gone. I also suffer terribly from dermatitis across my hands and after I apply the balm to my sons forehead, I rub the remainder into my hands. Since doing so, it’s helped to heal cracks and provide additional moisture. This product is wonderful & I look forward to trying all of the products in the Mindful Life range while continuing to use the restorative balm. Big thanks to Megan Gale & the team at Mindful Life for a wonderful product!”

– Billie K


“My 4 day old Granddaughter after having a bath with the Mindful Life hair and body wash. She was so relaxed during her bath and she smelt good too. After her bath I used the moisturising lotion, she loved it, she felt so soft, her dry skin was now gone! Evie slept 6 hours straight that night pretty good for a 4 day old. The following night after her bath Evie had a massage with the mindful life massaging oil, she was calm, relaxed n so soft. I love how the products are safe n natural too! I can say on behalf of Evie and myself we love your products.”

– Jody B


“I received Restorative Balm last week that l purchased for my 7yr old son with eczema. At the moment he has it bad behind his knees. Well, this is the only cream/ointment l have put on him that he hasn’t screamed for me to take it off because it was stinging. He actually said “Ahhh that’s better” and now doesn’t fight me to put it on. It’s been 4 days now & he says it doesn’t itch anymore, it’s also called down a lot. Highly recommend this product!!”

– Jacqui C


Just wanted to say how happy I am after discovering the restorative balm. I have struggled for some time with cracked heels. I’m happy to say that after a few short days I can really see a massive improvement. I have tried so many pharmacy products but they all made my skin dry and had minimal results. So even tho I’m in my 50s and I don’t have small children to use the products on, I couldn’t be happier having tried your balm and even more happy with the results. It’s a beautiful product.

– Anna M


We have been using the Restorative Balm twice a day for 2 weeks and my son’s eczema has improved and he also suffered from very dry skin and it has hydrated his skin. Extremely happy with this product, would highly recommend it.

– Kim G