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Mindful Life Introduces The Journal

When I was in the throes of creating Mindful Life, the plan was always to have it evolve and transcend being only a product-based brand.

My view from the outset was to create an added layer to the business – one that centered around health and well-being with mindfulness at its core.

After a lot of time planning and creating behind the scenes, I am now happy to introduce The Journal to our Mindful Life Community!

These days, we have so many apps, blogs, websites and social media pages dedicated to assisting us with things like fashion, beauty and fitness, which is fantastic and of course very helpful, but I saw a gap in an area that’s very close to my heart.

My aim with the Journal was to create a mindfulness space for our Mindful Life community that inspires, educates, motivates and above all else, promotes a healthy mindset and approach to life. In the current fast paced go-go-go world we all live in now, I hope it will be a welcome addition.

I’d like to think of The Journal as more of a go-to-guide rather than a blog. And I can promise you we won’t bombard you with information too often  – in these busy times that’s the last thing we all need! Instead, we will gradually introduce thoughtfully curated content that centres around some key pillars – mindfulness, nourishment, move + meditate and family.

Some pieces may appeal and resonate with you more than others. And we certainly won’t ever claim to know it all when it comes to mindfulness (we’re still trying to find the answers too!), but what we can promise to do is gather all the very best information from those in the know and share it with you.

I’m so thrilled to bring together our Mindful Life Community within this space. My wish is that it will become a destination for you to dip into to gain a little perspective and insight, and in turn, apply it to your life in order to make some shifts and changes for the better – be it big or small.


Enjoy and Stay Mindful,

Megan xx

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