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Five activities to entertain the kids – that they’ll actually love!

Any parent knows that it can be rather challenging to entertain the kids during the school holidays, but when you throw isolation into the mix, it can really prove quite the task for parents.

If you’re already starting to run out of all the activities you’d planned, we might be able to help.

The wonderful, and super creative, Alexis Teasdale from The Festive Co, says planning ahead is key to surviving this tricky time.

“I always find that if the kids start whinging, it’s hard to come up with ideas on the spot. So the night before I try to think of at least a few things we can do that will take up a good chunk of time. It’s the worst when you plan something and they only participate for five minutes!”

While The Festive Co provide creative workshops and DIY’s for little people to take advantage of in shopping centres during the school holidays, since isolation, Alexis says more parents than ever are heading to them online for ideas to entertain their children.

“I’m so glad we can be really useful for parents. Parents have a lot on their plates right now, from working full time from home, juggling remote home schooling, looking after babies and possibly elderly family too. The great thing about our activities, such as the hunts, is that bigger kids can do them solo giving the grown-ups a chance to catch up on one of a million other life tasks.”

Alexis has shared with us five of her favourite activities. We hope these activities are as much of a hit in your household as they have been in ours!

1. Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

“These are a really great way to get the kids exploring, whether it’s indoors or out! An inside hunt will get kids thinking about their surroundings. How many times have you asked them to go and get something for you and they say ‘I can’t FIND it!’ despite it being right in front of their noses? This is the hunt for them! Should take them a little while, too. Then outdoor ones are the perfect way for children to get some fresh air and put their adventurer hats on.”


2. The Fun Jar

“I created a Fun Jar as an emergency activity inspiration! It was as simple a creating a list of every fun thing the kids would like doing, that could reasonably happen at home without too many items needed. Then I cut them all up and popped them in a jar, so the kids could pick them out lucky dip style. It also doubles as general ideas to keep the little ones busy. But you can also create you own list or add and subtract depending on what suits your family.”

3. Backyard Bingo.

“Backyard bingo is an easy way to work with what you’ve got in your own yard. You can use a pre-made one or make your own bingo sheet with pictures of things you have outside. Ideally the kids would play with someone else and everyone can race around ticking off the items, yelling BINGO if you find them all first!”


4.  Recycling fun

“I’ve been saving pretty much all our recycling because kids find ‘real’ things so much fun to transform. Sometimes they like this better than the nice, fresh sheets of coloured paper and stickers! A really easy way to do a big (time consuming for them) project is to build a box city. I often make little cardboard rolls into fairy houses and buildings, but cereal boxes and tall hand towel rolls take it to the next level. Kids can cover them in paper or paint, then cut out doors or windows or stick drawn versions on. Pipe cleaners make excellent chimneys and old scraps of fabric or tissue paper can become curtains and blinds. Scrunched up green paper turns into grass or hedges and old fruit punnets make great faux ponds with a bit of cut up blue cardboard. There’s something appealing about a ‘city’ or ‘town’ that they can then add their Lego people, Sylvanian families and other toys to.”

5. Ninja Warrior Course

“My five year old is totally obsessed with all things Ninja Warrior and he’s taken to setting up courses outside or around the house. They can be as simple as some chairs to weave around, a couch cushion to leap over and a few somersaults and star jumps, if you don’t have much space inside. Then outside you can add some bigger things like skipping ropes, throwing a ball into a laundry basket, crawling under a table and more. If you set up a leader board on a piece of paper and allocate points then pop it on the fridge, you can revisit the game again. It will entice them to play when you need them to get some fresh air and exercise and this one suits kids of all ages too.”


We hope these fun activities keep the kids busy and you feeling less overwhelmed!

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