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‘Modern life can be so chaotic. We often end up like a mouse on a wheel, where everything feels like a relentless grind. We don’t pause enough to breathe or take stock of the bounty in our lives, and this can be damaging and unhealthy – physically, mentally and emotionally.’

Megan Gale

What we value

Our aim is to live with presence and purpose and we would love to inspire our customers and our community to do the same.

We’re all becoming busier, time poor, constantly juggling competing priorities. There are so many benefits to taking time out — stopping to just breathe, pause and reflect. Even if it’s only for a few moments every day, it lets us reset, recharge and most importantly, reconnect with ourselves and to those around us who matter most.

We’ve created a range of beautiful skincare products for babies and children, Mindful Life Child, to nurture the connection between parent and child.

Formulated with a holistic approach, using only the finest, naturally-derived and safe ingredients, sourced sustainably and produced ethically, we can give you peace of mind and a little more time to live a full, calm and mindful life.

Our key ingredients

Vitamin E

A hero ingredient used across our entire range and often referred to as "the skin vitamin”. Moisturising and nourishing, Vitamin E will help to keep your child’s skin soft and smooth.


A beautiful essential oil that we’ve used as a natural fragrance in our wash, lotion and massage oil. This wonderfully relaxing essential oil is a safe and gentle ingredient for your child’s skin.


Neroli is a lovely, fragrant oil that we’ve used across three of our products in our range. Safe for your child’s delicate skin, Neroli is known as the rescue remedy of essential oils, believed to have calming properties and known for its soothing effects.


We love Calendula so much that we’ve used it across all of our products. Believed to have many wonderful benefits which can assist in calming and soothing the skin.


Known to help soothe dry and irritated skin, Rosehip is an enriching and nourishing ingredient that is safe to use on your child’s sensitive skin. A beautiful, balanced oil that we’ve included in our restorative balm, massage oil and nappy cream formulations.


Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Megan moved to Sydney at the age of 18 to pursue modelling. In a career spanning 25 years, she worked extensively in Australia and abroad, also in television and film, eventually transitioning into her current role of business woman.

Megan is in a unique position from which to launch Mindful Life. She truly understands the demands of juggling parenthood and a career and the impact this has on our ability to maintain a healthy, overall balance. She’s passionate about finding that balance on a daily basis and helping others find it too. So she created Mindful Life with that goal in mind.

Whilst being the most challenging thing she has done in her career, work-wise Mindful Life is also what she is most proud of – her most personal project to date and the closest to her heart.

Megan resides in Melbourne with her partner Shaun Hampson and her two children River and Rosie.