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Our baby skincare products are formulated with naturally-derived and organic ingredients

Our beautiful skincare products for babies and children are made using the finest ethically-sourced, cruelty free and naturally derived ingredients, with respect for the earth and our children.


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MindfulnessMegan Gale's sit-down with Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw on all things wellness

The Keep it Cleaner founders chat everything from meditation and mindset, to stress management and mindful eating.

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The technique Megan uses to calm her son

It can be hard to reason with children when they’re worked up or mid-tantrum, even. Megan shares the go-to breathing technique she uses with her little ones, and encourages you to give it a try.


Mindful Life introduces you to The Journal

We want to introduce you to something very special to us here at Mindful Life; the Journal. This is where we aim to inspire, educate, motivate and above all promote a healthy mindset and approach to life.


The Collection

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Nappy Cream (1)

Soothing Nappy Cream

100g — AUD $19.95

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Our nourishing baby skincare and bath products
are available exclusively through our online store.